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Words to Encourage Your Faith, Engage Your Mind, & Examine Your Heart

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  • 08/03/17--07:38: How to Hate the Sin We Love
  • Sin is fun.  It is is exciting and may even be exhilarating.  Sin promises happiness, escape, and pleasure, and its promises are even true!  Well, just for a little while.  If sin was boring or didn’t offer any “rewards”, no one would want to do it.  And when we habitually sin, we do so because […]

    foundationsfredheart of stone-fleshfoundationsfredheart of stone-flesh

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    in·se·cu·ri·ty  ˌinsəˈkyo͝orədē/ noun  1.  uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence. “she had a deep sense of insecurity” synonyms:  lack of confidence, self-  doubt, diffidence, unassertiveness,  timidity, uncertainty, nervousness,  inhibition; More Insecurity is something most of us have faced at some time or another.  It doesn’t matter who you are, your personality, location, ethnicity, sex, etc.  Insecurity is feeling self-doubt […]

    foundationsfredInsecure _brett ellisfoundationsfredInsecure _brett ellis

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  • 10/16/17--04:35: Is it Right or Wrong?
  • While driving down the highways, perhaps you’ve come across “Christian vandalism” that has sayings like, “Jesus Saves” or “Jesus Loves U” spray painted on the side of a bridge or a wall of rock.  I always wonder what they were thinking when they did that.  Why would someone break the law to share a message […]


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    Marriage is both a beautiful picture of the greater marriage between Christ and the Church, and it is a complicated mess because of our sins, differences and other struggles.  As most people would probably agree, we choose people who are a bit different than ourselves.  They possess traits we don’t possess and they can complement […]

    foundationsfredCouple after quarrelfoundationsfredCouple after quarrel

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  • 11/17/17--05:51: Hollywood & Harassment
  • Allegations of sexual harassment, rape, and molestation are being highlighted in Hollywood these past few weeks.  It seems like every day someone is coming out with an allegation against some director, actor, or writer.  Power and prestige have provided opportunities […]

    foundationsfredImage result for hollywood signfoundationsfredImage result for hollywood sign

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  • 12/12/17--06:38: Self-Control Starts Here…
  • Watching the news (or scrolling online for news), we continue to see accusations about sexual harassment and impropriety by politicians, news icons, actors, and athletes.  I had previously written about some of those incidents and thoughts to ponder (Hollywood & […]


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    Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.  If you can think back through all the leaders you’ve been under, whether in church or in employment, or even instructing you as teachers, you’ll find that there are strengths and weaknesses […]


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    Help! I'm a Black & White Thinker and my marriage is in trouble! Those who are more severe in their Black & White Thinking often struggle in relationships. They have a significant desire for successful relationships, but struggle due to the difficulty to understand and speak "relationally."

    Young couple angry at each other sitting back to backfoundationsfredYoung couple angry at each other sitting back to backfoundationsfred

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  • 04/03/18--05:22: For Christ’s Sake!
  • “For Christ’s Sake!” This phrase is often said in disgust, anger, or is used almost meaninglessly in discussions.  Christ’s name is used, but isn’t really considered because if it were, this phrase wouldn’t be used.  Not too long ago I […]


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  • 04/30/18--07:34: Coping with Christ
  • I am convinced that we, as Americans, have a coping problem. We don't cope well with the difficult situations, problems, and feelings we have. We simply don't want to feel them because they are unpleasant and painful. Ask yourself, What do you do when you are hurt, depressed, sad, angry, guilty, or ashamed?

    Cracked skin man in posefoundationsfredCracked skin man in posefoundationsfred

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  • 05/09/18--06:39: Happy Wife = Happy Life??
  • Scripture adds some clarity to the "Happy Wife. Happy Life" counsel. As a matter of fact, Paul's instruction to husbands is not to make their wives happy, only to love them well.

    Couple after quarrelfoundationsfredCouple after quarrelfoundationsfred

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    What would have happened had the prodigal son refused his father's forgiveness?

    Open bible with man and crossfoundationsfredOpen bible with man and crossfoundationsfred

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  • 07/09/18--07:00: Gaming Disorder?
  • Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a new diagnosis for the ICD-11 Diagnosis Manual (International Classification of Diseases). he new diagnosis is called “Gaming Disorder.”  According to WHO, a Gaming Disorder is a “pattern of gaming behavior (“digital-gaming” or […]

    vg controllersfoundationsfredvg controllersfoundationsfred

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    Marriage counseling can be one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences in the office.  Many couples know they can get better, but they have a hard time resolving conflicts and becoming closer because they can’t communicate.  On the surface, […]

    Couple after quarrelfoundationsfredCouple after quarrelfoundationsfred

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  • 10/26/18--06:36: The Log & Speck in Marriage
  • Marriage counseling, at best, has a 50% success rate with the best of counselors. Although there may be many reasons for this, marriage counseling is often not successful because husbands or wives find it difficult to see beyond their hurt. They look at the hurtful actions of their spouse while having a difficult time seeing or understanding how their own actions are impacting the marriage. In other words, we see ourselves more as the victims of our spouses, rather than active participants in a bad marriage. If we do recognize our own actions, we understate how our actions impact the other person. Or to put it another way, we see our own actions as the speck, and our spouse's actions as the log.


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